Snap & Text Numbers!

Available on iOS and Android!

Text Snapper is a simple mobile phone application which uses your phone's camera to photograph text, like phone numbers, words, emails and website addresses! You can also take a photo of a paragraph of text and then COPY & PASTE.

About Text Snapper

Text Snapper uses standard open source OCR which allows applications to recognise characters. The app is designed to photograph and render text from any flat surface like a printed flyer, or even a computer screen. Text Snapper renders phone numbers and text very well, and can render emails and URLs.

Like any camera shot, we've found you need to have good lighting to take a good shot of the text so it can render properly.

Camera Recognition

Use your phone camera to detect text and numbers right in the app!

Convert To Text

The app will automatically convert your selection into plain text!

Phone Dialing

Easily call the converted number straight from the app!

Save To Contacts

​Save the phone number directly from the app into your contacts list!

How To Use Text Snapper

Step 1

Step 1

Open up the Text Snapper app and adjust the camera box to your desired number or text. Press the Camera button when you have isolated your selection of text.

Step 2

Step 2

The app will now convert your image into plain text. Adjust the text as necessary and select one of the buttons in the app.

Step 3

Step 3

You can now save the number to your contacts or call / SMS. The above screenshot is the number saving directly into your phone contacts, allowing you to easily save numbers.